Cris “Cyborg” Justino is campaigning hard for a bout with Ronda Rousey, but Invicta FC’s featherweight champ isn’t abandoning the idea it can take place at 140 pounds either…

Yes, following Rousey’s violent and fast victory over Bethe Correia, talk about a “Rowdy”-“Cyborg” scrap continues to blaze across the internet. It’s the fight everyone wants to see, the problem is, however, the women fight in different weight classes.

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“Cyborg” has said she will attempt to make the cut to 135, as both the UFC and Rousey have said that’s the only weight the massive fight will take place. The plan, supposedly, is that Justino will try to drop to bantamweight later this year, fight under the Invicta FC banner, and then if she wins, scrap Rousey.

But, “Cyborg” is still calling on Rousey to come up in weight and face her…Case in point, while appearing on ESPN’s “Sports Center” recently, “Cyborg” had this to say (quote via MMA

“All the champions do this when you clean your division,” Cyborg said. “The champ goes up.”

“I’m ready for this fight for a long time,” Cyborg said later. “But if it don’t happen now, it wont happen. If the UFC want to make this fight happen, they can make it happen. Tomorrow, I would take this fight. I’m ready.”

According to the aforementioned report, Justino did not mention once during the interview that she plans to drop to 135…So, draw what you want, if anything from that, but it certainly doesn’t seem like Justino’s confident in her ability to make the drop.