Conor McGregor may be coming off the biggest win of his career, and is the UFC’s interim featherweight champ, but apparently Rafael dos Anjos wasn’t overly impressed with what he saw  at UFC 189.

As you know, McGregor faced Chad Mendes for the title on July 11th, after champion Jose Aldo withdrew a couple of weeks out due to a rib injury. Mendes moved ahead early on by taking McGregor down and landing shots from above, but late in round two, “Notorious” ended the fight with a flurry of strikes. For some, the bout showed that McGregor can hang on the ground and defeat top tier wrestlers. For others, however, the fight raised questions about the featherweight’s grappling pedigree, particularly since Mendes faced McGregor without the benefits of a full camp.

Well, dos Anjos was asked about McGregor recently, while attending UFC 190 related functions. Here is some of what the lightweight champion had to say (quote via MMA

“This guy has no chance. Aldo would destroy him,” dos Anjos said. “If Chad Mendes was in shape, he would have destroyed him, he showed that. He walked right next to me and he’s too small, he looked like a chicken. Chad Mendes is strong, but McGregor has no chances. That fight really exposed who he really is. He’s that fighter.

“I’ve never seen Chad take a step back, he always moves forward, and he was breathing hard after the first minute,” the champ added. “T.J. Dillashaw was sitting right next to me and I asked him how was Chad’s cardio when he got the call from the UFC, and he said ‘he’s well for three rounds, not five, but he’s always in shape’. But he gassed in one minute, and still beat McGregor up in the first and second rounds. But I believe McGregor is not even close to the top 5 of the division.”

Wow. Not even top five huh? Of course, these comments aren’t too surprising, since dos Anjos and McGregor have verbally jousted in the past. “Notorious” has said be plans to move to lightweight at some point, and that further, he believes he could take dos Anjos out without issue. In the aforementioned interview, dos Anjos said he’d “love” to see McGregor come up to 155, as fighting him would be “easy money”. Chances are McGregor’s sizeable fan base will disagree…