Rory MacDonald may have failed to win the UFC’s welterweight championship at UFC 189, and was left a bloody mess, but apparently the “Red King” wasn’t traumatized by what went down.

If you saw the July 11th bout, then you know that MacDonald and Robbie Lawler went to war for over four rounds, before the latter put the challenger down in round five. Footage of the bout’s final moments blazed around the internet, which showed a battered MacDonald being attended to by officials.

Well, the fighter’s coach, Firas Zahabi, recently spoke with While discussing MacDonald, and how he’s recovering from the epic slugfest, the Tristasr instructor stated:

“He told me he had the best time of his life,” Zahabi said. “He wasn’t negative about it; he was positive about it and he’s already training again.

“I think it’s going to make Rory better because that’s a lifetime experience,” added Zahabi. “You can’t learn that in the gym. To show that amount of heart, that amount of killer instinct – both those guys are warriors and that’s not something you’re taught; that’s something you’re born with.”

Yup. There’s no doubt that MacDonald showed a ton of heart in the bout, which was extremely competitive. Now it will be interesting to see who MacDonald faces next. Johny Hendricks is booked to fight Tyron Woodley on October 3rd, the same night Lawler will battle Carlos Condit. The other top five ranked contender, Matt Brown, is scheduled to fight Kelvin Gastelum on November 21st.

But, since MacDonald fractured his nose and injured his foot at UFC 189, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t fight again until next year.

The 26 year-old had won three straight bouts to lock up a title fight with Lawler. MacDonald currently carries a record of 18-3.