Hector Lombard won’t be returning to the Octagon until next January at the earliest, but when he does, clearly he wouldn’t mind facing Rory MacDonald

The powerful welterweight is currently sidelined due to suspension, after he tested positive for anabolic steroids, following his decision win over Josh Burkman this past January (the victory was over turned to a no-contest. Lombard picked up a one year suspension, and as a result, the welterweight can’t fight until January, 2016.

Well, recently Lombard talked to “MMA Roasted“, and the decorated Judoka was asked about who he’d like to face in his next bout, Here is some of what Lombard had to say (quotes via MMA Fighting.com):

“I know he’s been calling me out,” Lombard said. “We need to finish business. He’s been calling me out, talking a lot of s**t. I have to finish business with this guy. He keeps mentioning my name everywhere.

“The other day he had an interview with Ariel Helwani. He’s expecting me to be out of shape on my way back. That’s not going to happen. He’s expecting to have an easy road. He’s expecting a guy that’s getting a bit older, a year off. Get an easy win. Guess what, Rory? I’m going to mess you up.”

How about that huh? Sounds like Lombard is a little bit annoyed with Mr. MacDonald. Now really, it’s not like MacDonald’s been running around insulting Lombard in every interview; he’s just said he’d be interested in fighting him. The two were scheduled to fight at UFC 186 this past April, but Lombard was pulled from the bout, as a result of his aforementioned suspension.

It’s certainly a fight that make sense. Lombard was right there in the title shot mix before he was suspended, and MacDonald is currently ranked #2. The bout would also make sense in terms of a timeline, as MacDonald is coming off a brutal, stoppage loss to champ Robbie Lawler in July. The latter is now booked to fight Carlos Condit on November 14th.