If the headline above prompted a double take from you, don’t worry, chances are you won’t be the only one. Yes, Jordan Mein has announced he’s retiring from fighting at the age of 25.

Not only is the news surprising because Mein is just 25, but also because he’s impressed during his time in the UFC. The Canadian has gone 3-2 with the promotion, but in both of his defeats, he had Thiago Alves and Matt Brown in trouble. Mein defeated Hernani Perpetuo, Mike Kyle and Dan Miller in the Octagon.

The UFC has posted a story featuring Mein, and here is some of what the fighter had to say about his decision.

“I’m ready to transition to a different part of my life. I’ve been at this for 12 years, 10 years professionally, so I’m just ready to move on in my life.”

“I’m super happy with the way my career went and everything I’ve done in the sport, so I don’t really have that feeling of ‘I can’t retire because I haven’t done anything in my career and I don’t feel satisfied,’” Mein said. “I do feel satisfied, and I’m happy with myself. I’m not coming to the gym saying ‘I made the wrong decision.’ I’m feeling good about the choices I made in my career. I think it would be different if I didn’t feel that way and if it was a forced situation.”

Mein also relayed that he really enjoys teaching martial arts, and said he hopes to continue teaching, but added he might move away from MMA as well.

The Lethbridge fighter made his pro debut when he was just 16, and in the following years, posted a 29-10 record. Mein also went 2-1 with Strikeforce, before he moved to the UFC. Pretty crazy and impressive.

All this comes not long after Frankie Perez  shocked fans by announcing he was retiring at the age of 26, and after he took out Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night 74.