Sarah Kaufman won’t be betting the house on Holly Holm to beat Ronda Rousey at UFC 195, but the bantamweight isn’t ready to say her teammate has no chance of defeating the superstar champ.

As you know, recently the UFC turned heads throughout the sport, by announcing that Holm will face Rousey on January 2nd. Holly is a ridiculously talented striker and has gone undefeated in MMA, but she’s currently ranked #8. Due to the fact she’s fighting one of the most dominant fighters the sport has ever seen, not too many people are predicting Holm will end Rousey’s reign.

Case in point, Kaufman recently spoke with MMA, and while discussing the upcoming bout, she stated this:

“Ronda is who she is; she’s proven herself to be a phenomenal athlete, and this fight is pretty interesting if you look at she just knocked out Bethe (Correia) – Holly is an amazing boxer, she’s southpaw,” Kaufman said. “I train with Holly and she’s fast, she’s powerful and she picks things up fast. I want to stand behind my teammate. It’s almost impossible to say she’s going to come out with the win, but I do think Holly has the ability if she comes in and fights the right plan to make it a very tough fight and potentially get that win. I want to stand behind her.”

And really, Kaufman’s comments here are on point. It is really, really hard to envision Holm defeating Rousey, but you never know… History tells us that anything can happen in a sport where humans are chucking punches and kicks at each other’s heads, and Holm is quite good at doing this.

UFC 195 will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.