The UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings has both Demetrious Johnson and TJ Dillashaw in the top five, but it sounds like  John Dodson believes his name should also be on that list.

Dodson will take on Johnson this Saturday at UFC 191, who is the reigning flyweight champion and is currently ranked #3 in the promotion’s P4P listing. Dillashaw, of course, is the bantamweight champ and is currently ranked #5.

Well, Dodson recently appeared at a media luncheon to discuss this weekend’s scrap, and Mr. Dillashaw came up. The latter fought Dodson in the TUF 14 finals back in 2011, but was taken out by “The Magician” in the opening round. Here is some of what Dodson had to say about Dillashaw’s ranking, as well as the fact that Johnson is on the P4P list as well (quote via MMA

“I’ve already destroyed [Dillashaw] and he’s talking about how he should be up on the pound-for-pound list,” Dodson said. “These guys are all just frustrating me and just bothering me, because I am better than both of them.”

How about that? Now Dodson did defeat Dillashaw as noted, but there’s no question that the champ has become a much better fighter since then. Really, at that point of his career, Dillashaw was more of a wrestling and grappling specialist. While many people have pointed to Dillashaw’s wins over Renan Barao, as evidence of just how good his striking has become, however, clearly Dodson isn’t one of them.

“It took you this long to finish [Barao]? It took you four rounds to go ahead and finish this guy. … I would have finished Renan Barao in the first round.”

Wow. It would be interesting to hear what Dillashaw, or Barao for that matter, thinks of that comment.

It will be interesting to see how Johnson-Dodson II plays out, however. The challenger is the last man to give Johnson a run for his money. Dodson lost their 2013 encounter by UD, but he did land some heavy shots on “Mighty Mouse” and had him in some trouble. Thus, the rematch.

UFC 191 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the co-headliner, Frank Mir will take on fellow former heavyweight champ, Andrei Arlovski.