Demetrious Johnson won’t be fighting his rival John Dodson again any time soon, as not only did he defeat the latter for a second time at UFC 191, he pitched a shutout.

“Mighty Mouse” outscored Dodson in nearly every exchange of the fight, and kept the heavy handed fighter on the defensive with his wrestling. Dodson was able to defend Johnson’s takedowns in the opening rounds of the fight, but due to the ridiculous pace Johnson kept, eventually that changed.

After the fight Johnson was awarded the unanimous decision victory, and the champ proceeded to note that he didn’t have a mark on his face….That’s a nice way to shut down the boo birds no?

While speaking to FOX Sport 1 on their post-fight show, the flyweight champ also had this to say about the victory (quotes via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“It was a good performance. I was quicker than him. I wanted to make him work a lot, put him against the cage, throw elbows, deliver some shots and make him work.

“I was more prepared. I used my footwork, didn’t overcommit, and was cleaner and more technical.”

Finally, when Johnson was asked what gave him the edge over Dodson, who has repeatedly criticized him for not promoting the division, the champ said:

“I knew he was going to be emotional. I respect him as a fighter.”

It was certainly a masterpiece, even if Johnson didn’t score the finish that his critics wanted. When you consider it was his seventh title defense,  and that really, none of those fights were all that close except for his UD win over Dodson in 2013, what we’re witnessing here is pretty remarkable.

The big question now is who’s next? One would think it’s gotta be Henry Cejudo, provided the Olympic Gold Medal wrestler gets by Jussier “Formiga” on November 21st.