Although Sam Stout is just 31 years old, after being stopped in three consecutive fights, the accomplished vet decided it was time to hang up the gloves.

Stout made the decision not long after he was stopped by Frankie Perez at UFC Fight Night 74 last month (who announced immediately after the win that he’s ready for the next stage of his life, and that he was retiring at the age of 26).

The loss to Perez was Stout’s third, stoppage loss in a row, as prior to that he was KO’d by KJ Noons and Ross Pearson. If you’ve followed Stout’s memorable career, then you know the finishes were surprising, since the Canadian had never been TKO or KO’d in 30 previous fights. In fact, over the years Stout forged a reputation for being one of most durable and tough lightweights in the division, and his six, “Fight of The Night” bonuses are a testament to that fact.

Stout recently appeared on the “MMA Hour’ to discuss his decision to retire, and here is some of what he had to say (quote via MMA

“It’s strange man, it’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around,” Stout said. “But I think it was the right decision. I’m only 31 years old and a lot of people are like, ‘you’re still so young,’ but I’ve got a lot of miles on me. I’ve been doing this for half of my life. And I’ve got my daughter Logan here, and losing those last three fights by knockout. I’m not having any post-concussion symptoms, and I’m not feeling any memory loss or anything along those lines that you hear about some of these guys suffering from, but I don’t want to wait until that one shot that puts me over the edge and start having those. I’d rather not wait until it’s too late.

“I clearly can’t take a punch the same way I used to, so the decision wasn’t that hard for me.”

It’s good to hear that Stout hasn’t been suffering any symptoms from the losses, and the reasons he’s listed for his retirement certainly make a lot of sense. If he believes he can’t absorb punishment any longer like he used to, then it’s clearly the right time to get out.

Stout made his Octagon debut way back in 2005, and went on to compete in 20 UFC bouts. Not too many people on this earth can say that. Stout’s last win took place in 2013, when he out gunned Cody McKenzie for the UD win.