Prior to the airing of TUF 22, Conor McGregor relayed that he didn’t attend many of his team’s training sessions, or teach the fighters “anything”, and now his opposing coach Urijah Faber has weighed-in.

McGregor was tapped to be a coach on the show, following his win over Chad Mendes in at UFC 189. The newly crowned, interim featherweight champ has admitted he wasn’t really interested in doing the show at first, but then he changed his mind. Since then, “Notorious” has said he enjoyed doing the program, but he’s also been upfront about the fact that he didn’t really do much coaching…

Well, obviously McGregor wasn’t misleading  the media, as here is what Faber recently had to say about the brash fighter’s TUF 22 run (quote via MMA

“He was there a little bit, but he wasn’t hands-on,” Faber said. “I know he wasn’t there for a lot of the practices.”

“If I was in their situation, I would like to get as much knowledge as possible with the interim champ,” Faber added. “It’s a six-week process, a lot of these people spent their whole lives dedicated to the sport, it’s one of those things where, you don’t really need to hold their hand, but, being there, that kind of makes sense.”

Obviously we can’t speak for the fighters on Team Europe, but you have to think they were at least somewhat disappointed with the fact they didn’t do much training with McGregor. Faber also questioned whether perhaps the Irish star didn’t do much coaching because some of the team’s members are the top fighters in Europe, and could potentially be opponents for McGregor down the line? That’s an interesting take on it no?

Maybe McGregor was also worried about getting injured? He likely wouldn’t admit that, as he apparently wanted to fight Faber after the show was done, but he is scheduled to fight the best featherweight of all time on December 12th, Jose Aldo.

Faber, meanwhile, is booked to fight Frankie Saenz that same night at UFC 194.