Just when it looked like all the drama between Urijah Faber and Duane Ludwig might come to an end, the issues between the two are grabbing headlines once again.

Recently Ludwig said he was willing to “squash” his beef with Faber, despite his claims that the Team Alpha Male leader, didn’t deliver on what he was promised to coach the team. Faber recently appeared on “The MMA Hour” and accused Ludwig of bullying and financially exploiting various folks. Not surprisingly, Ludwig has denied the accusations.

Well, during that same interview, Faber also reported that an upcoming episode of TUF 22, documents an incident involving Ludwig. Here is some of what he had to say (quote via MMA Fighting.com)

“Conor (McGregor) picked up that Duane had been talking a bunch of crap about our team and was like, ‘dude, what’s up with that?'” Faber said. “And it ended up being a confrontation on the show, which you guys are going to see. Then Duane, while he’s coaching T.J. and Danny (Castillo), makes a comment to just slander our team. Then on top of that he does this apology which is basically just talking crap about me, and because he says the word ‘apology’ doesn’t make it an apology, and he says a bunch of false things in his apology. So I’m like, dude, I tried to let this guy just go and be on his way, but dysfunction just finds this guy.”

So, clearly it doesn’t seem like this bridge is going to be rebuilt any time soon, if ever. It will be interesting to see whether Dillashaw will continue to train with Ludwig if his rift with TAM gets even worse. Or, what if Dillashaw decides to leave TAM altogether because of all this?

All this aside, Dillashaw has a big fight in front of him, as he’s booked to take on former champ Dominick Cruz on January 17th.

Faber, on the other hand, is scheduled to fight Frankie Saez at UFC 194 on December 12th.