Yesterday the MMA world was buzzed with the news that TJ Dillashaw has elected to change camps, and is leaving Team Alpha Male to train with the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado. Following that news, the UFC’s bantamweight champ has reported another, very interesting twist regarding his decision…

Since Dillashaw has continued to train with TAM’s former head coach, Duane Ludwig, the news that he’s heading to Colorado wasn’t necessarily too shocking. Elevation Fight Team has built a super gym, whereby coaches from the Denver region will all be instructing out of one facility. In the past, Dillashaw had to travel to several different gyms when he was training in the state (Ludwig isn’t officially part of the team, but his gym is in nearby Broomfield).

Well, the 29 year-old appeared on Stud Show Radio, and while doing so, Dillashaw revealed that Elevation Fight Team will be paying him to train there. Not vice-versa. Here is some of what Dillashaw had to say about the deal (quotes via MMA

“Now, Elevation Fight Team came to me and they want to pay me some good money to train with them,” Dillashaw said. “They’re offering to pay me to train, instead of me paying to train. This sport is growing so much that that’s the way I feel like it should be. We’re professional athletes. I feel like I got treated better in college wrestling. I had a physical therapist on hand at all times, no matter what, when I was in college. And that’s not where MMA is at yet.”

“If anybody else was in my situation, they would take the exact same deal,” Dillashaw added. “This is a very short-lived career. I have to do what’s best for myself. I have to do what’s best for my career and being on top for as long as possible…”

Yup. It’s pretty hard to argue with Dillashaw’s logic here, and really, this could be a game changer for fighters, if the team can make this work from a financial perspective. While a handful of fighters make serious, pro athlete cash, plenty don’t.

Dillashaw will head to this new team to prepare for his January 17th bout with Dominick Cruz, which has the potential to be fantastic. That fight will take place in Boston, Massachusetts.