Tim Kennedy has certainly trashed Vitor Belfort in the past, but following the latter’s win over Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night 77, the middleweight is really letting “The Phenom” have it.

Belfort won his rubber match with Henderson last weekend by rocking him with a head kick and then finishing the bout with punches. Not long after the victory, Kennedy relayed that he wanted to fight the “fatter / slower” Belfort next. Kennedy also brought up the issue of steroids while doing so, which is nothing new for the decorated soldier, who has been an outspoken critic of PED and TRT users in the past.

Well, as a means to continue his campaign for a scrap with Belfort, Kennedy recently posted the following on Facebook:

I am asking for Vitor Belfort for my next fight. Not because he is slower and fatter (even though he is) or because he can only use slightly less steroids, but because he is treated as a legend. He has been cheating his entire career. He doesn’t deserve anything but a good ass whooping and to be stricken from the books of MMA history.

Now sure, Kennedy’s comments here aren’t particularly surprising, for the reasons outlined above. But he does raise an interesting point about Belfort being treated as legend.

Since Belfort has been a word class fighter for nearly 20 years, and has defeated many decorated fighters along the way, by that criteria he is a legend. I’ve referred to him as such, because many, many fans see him as one.

But, in light of the various controversies and scandals that have been tied to Belfort now, regarding PEDs, TRT etc, has he lost his legendary status? It seems clear that for some people, perhaps a lot of folks, he has.

All this aside, the big question is whether the UFC is going to move forward with this match-up. Heading into UFC FN 77, Kennedy claimed the UFC had expressed an interest in having him fight the winner of Belfort-Henderson III…