Following Holly Holm’s mind blowing, MMA world shifting, upset win over Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, Daniel Cormier has weighed in on what went terribly wrong for the now former champ.

If for some reason you elected to pass on Saturday’s card (perhaps you thought it would be a blowout in Rousey’s favor and therefore why bother?), then you didn’t see Holm pick Rousey apart with beautifully timed punches. Then, in round two, as Rousey kept coming, Holm dropped jaws throughout the galaxy by blasting the bantamweight with a headkick.

In the post-fight show on FOX Sports 1, Cormier was asked for his thoughts on Holm’s impressive performance and the light-heavyweight champ had this to say (quote via FOX Sports 1 press release):

“These are the nights that we live for as MMA analysts. Rashad said this was the matchup that would cause Ronda problems. Holly did a great job with the straight jab. She showed she wasn’t going to be physically dominated by Ronda right from the start. Ronda was out of her element the moment she couldn’t implement her game plan. Ronda doesn’t have the striking to stay with a person that’s as sharp as Holly Holm. When someone goes to swing a punch and they’re so mixed up that they fall down throwing the punch, you know it was over.”

Yes, the writing certainly appeared to be on the wall for Rousey as round two began, but when she badly missed with that attack, even her biggest fans probably knew the end was near.

Now it’s going to be interesting to hear what comes next for Rousey. By surfing the net and social media, it seems like a ton of folks are questioning the strategy Rousey had, and the fact her approach didn’t change when things were going south.

Will the UFC book an immediate rematch? Or will Rousey elect to take some time off?