Ronda Rousey may be one of the most popular fighters in combat sports, but following her UFC 193 loss to Holly Holm, the star has had a ton of criticism and insults thrown her way.

If you spend a fair amount of time reading tweets and comment posts, then you know the internet hasn’t exactly been kind to Rousey since she was brutally KO’d by Holm. Of course, some of the feedback has been kind of light hearted in nature, and likely not intended to be cruel. But some of it, well, if you’re a big supporter of Rousey, chances are you’ve been either reduced to tears reading it or thrown into a blinding rage.

Recently Holm appeared on The Dan Patrick Show, and the new champ was asked whether she’s been surprised by all the Rousey bashing. Here is some of what Holm had to say about the subject (quotes via MMA

“Any time you’re on top, people are going to want to talk one way or another,” Holm said. “She’s been pretty vocal in her career, I think it’s easier for people to want to pick at things. I thing she’s strong enough. She can handle that.”

It is true that Rousey has made some pretty bold statements, but considering what she’s accomplished and how she was regarded, it’s pretty understandable. There’s also some who believe that Rousey’s outburst at the weigh-ins also sent some support Holm’s way.

All this aside, Holm also noted that “I hope people don’t get too brutal with it” and “This is a hard job to be in and a lot of people can’t get in there.” Indeed.

Now it remains to be seen what happens next, in terms of the bantamweight title and Rousey. The latter has said she’ll be back, but neither the UFC or Dana White have outlined any plans for whether they’re going to shelf Holm until Rousey’s ready.