Not long ago, Henry Cejudo said he’s boycotting Nevada after that state’s commission suspended Nick Diaz for five years, but now the flyweight has said that could change.

Diaz was handed the lengthy suspension, which was effectively a lifetime ban, after testing positive for marijuana earlier this year. The decision outraged Cejudo, and the decorated wrestler said he would not fight in the jurisdiction moving forward as a result.

Well, recently there’s been reports that the Nevada Commission is rethinking the decision and that Diaz could be eligible to fight next summer. Thus, this is probably why Cejudo relayed the following, after he decisioned Jussier “Formiga” at UFC FN 78 (quote via MMA

“I think there’s due process going on,” Cejudo said, while discussing whether he’d fight in Las Vegas. “So as soon as that gets overturned, we can talk. I mean, obviously I’m not my own boss. I’d have to sit down and talk to everybody from the UFC and decide what we’re gonna do. [As long as] Nick Diaz is freed, I’ll fight in Vegas.”

There you have it, and if you also disagreed with the commission’s decision, then chances are you’re pretty proud of Cejudo (and other fighters and fans who blasted the suspension–it seems to have worked).

Nevada aside, now it will be interesting to see if the UFC taps Cejudo for a title shot. His win on Saturday didn’t really blow the minds of MMA fans, but Cejudo has gone 4-0 in the UFC so far, and really, who else could challenge Demetrious Johnson next?