Conor McGregor has made headlines over the last year or so by repeatedly trash talking Jose Aldo, and while he’s caught a lot of flack for doing so, Georges St-Pierre says there’s a method behind the madness.

Now sure, since McGregor arrived in the UFC and let everyone know he isn’t at all impressed with Aldo, most people understood it was a great way to get his name out there. After all, UFC fans weren’t accustomed to hearing someone insult the consensus, greatest featherweight of all time.

But, since then, McGregor has risen up the ranks as he predicted he would, and has secured a bout with Aldo on December 12th. All the while he’s continued to take verbal shots at the Brazilian star.

Well, recently GSP appeared on Chael Sonnen’s podcast, and he had this to say about the brash McGregor (quote via MMA

“I think, if I can make a comparison, of you[Sonnen] and Anderson Silva, I don’t know if I’m right, but it seems like maybe McGregor got into Aldo’s head a little bit,” said St-Pierre. “I don’t know [if McGregor can beat Aldo]. I guess we’ll find out. Aldo is a very smart guy, but Conor McGregor, the way he talks trash, there is a purpose to it.”

“Most of the guys who have fought Jose Aldo, they’ve been intimidated,” said St-Pierre. “Aldo has an aura of invincibility. A little bit like Anderson Silva had back in the day before you fought him. I think [McGregor] is mentally trying to break that aura of invincibility, but we’ll see…”

There’s no doubt that Aldo hasn’t had a rivalry this intense during his UFC tenure, although, things did get pretty heated with Chad Mendes leading up to their rematch. Aldo went out and scored a unanimous decision win over the powerful wrestler, in what was one of the best fights in 2014.

Will Aldo be at his best at UFC 194? Or will he fight with too much emotion and be reckless in doing so? We shall see.