There is a camp of fans, fighters and pundits who believe Ronda Rousey doesn’t stand much a chance in a rematch against Holly Holm, but Randy Couture evidently isn’t one of those folks.

Since Rousey was smoked by Holm at UFC 193, there have been more than a few people who have argued, the former champ doesn’t have what it takes to reclaim the title. Not in the immediate future at least. According to this argument, Rousey needs to take a lot of time, and develop her striking game further before she has a legitimate shot at dethroning Holm.

Well, recently Couture appeared on Submission Radio, and here’s some of what the legend had to say about Rousey and a rematch with Holm (quote via MMA

“Yes, I think she can make the adjustments she needs to make,” said Couture. “It’s purely a function of focus and gameplan. I think after knocking her last opponent out she was maybe a little over confident with her striking and didn’t give Holly the credit she deserved as a world-class boxer and kick boxer. She went out and tried to strike with [Holm] and paid the price with an elusive southpaw with a great jab that just kept tagging her.

“I think those are things that can be fixed. Change her approach to closing the distance and getting your hands on Holly. Make Holly operate where [Rousey] is strongest. How many judo medalists do we have in this sport? Time and time again that’s where she’s won her fights.”

It’s hard to argue with Couture on this. Holm deserves all the credit in the world for doing what she did at UFC 193, and she could very well win the rematch. But, when you consider what Rousey has accomplished, and what she’s capable of doing on the ground, one would think with some adjustments the rematch will go differently. If she can avoid getting cracked with a big left moments into the bout, that would help as well…

Holm-Rousey II is expected to take place in July at UFC 200.