Although Conor McGregor will almost certainly fight at 145 again, Eddie Alvarez has outlined why he thinks the featherweight’s plans to face lightweight king Rafael dos Anjos next are rather timely.

As you’ve almost certainly heard, although the UFC has yet to announced it, reports surfaced recently stating that McGregor will take on RDA on March 5th. McGregor has repeatedly said for months that he wants to move to 155, and after he took out Jose Aldo to win the 145 title, he said it again. But, after dos Anjos rolled through Donald Cerrone last month, many believed the UFC would tap McGregor to fight Frankie Edgar.

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Which brings us back to Alvarez. Recently the lightweight contender was asked to weigh-in on the success of McGregor, and his potential move to 155. Here is some of what Alvarez had to say (quote via MMA

“I’ve been in the game a long time, I understand what the game’s about; (McGregor’s) done a great job with what he’s doing and he’s getting everything he deserves,” Alvarez said. “What I do think is that Frankie Edgar will beat him, and it’s really convenient to leave the division right now when the only person left is Frankie Edgar. That’s what I think.”

How about that? And Alvarez isn’t the only person who has opined that Edgar could defeat “The Notorious” champ. But, is this why McGregor has apparently elected to fight RDA?

While one could make the argument that Edgar’s quickness, wrestling and boxing will pose McGregor some big problems, fighting RDA isn’t a walk in the park either. Ultimately, this could be about McGregor wanting to add to his legacy, secure another belt, and avoid the rigours of cutting to 145 for a little while…Chances are, sooner or later, he’ll have to meet Edgar.