Ryan Bader has won five straight fights and is a win away from locking up a title shot, but according to Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson will ensure that’s not going to happen on January 30th.

The light-heavyweights are booked to fight in the headliner of UFC on FOX 18, which will go down on that date in Newark, New Jersey. Cormier was asked to weigh-in on the bout on the latest “UFC Tonight“, and here’s what the light-heavyweight champ had to say (quote via FOX Sports press release):

“Rumble Johnson’s power is amazing. His first key is to defend the takedown. If there’s a weakness in his game, it’s being able to take him down and hold him down. You also have to control his power. Sometimes he gets a little anxious and wants to hit with all his power. He’s got to throw more combinations when he punches. If he throws them, he can finish this fight. I believe Bader will make a mistake and Rumble will knock him out, get the finish and look impressive doing it.”

It’s possible. Although, Bader has looked ridiculously impressive as of late. Cormier, who also has a beef with Bader, submitted Johnson last May to become the 205 champ.