The prelims are over in Newark, so let’s jump to the main card fights, which will feature Ryan Bader – Anthony Johnson in the headliner.

Bryan Barberena vs. Sage Northcutt 

Round 1: Big right from Northcutt misses. Northcutt flurries in but gets met with a counter right. They clinch up briefly. They both fire kicks. Northcutt clips Barberena with a right, but latter pops to his feet and clinches up. Now Northcutt goes for the TD and takes Barberena’s back. They exchange shots on the break. Northcutt lands a couple of straight rights. Barberena’s cut. Another TD attempt from Northcutt but Barberena reverses. Barberena plants a right. Both welterweights are chucking big shots. Round ends.

Round 2: Barberena is pressing foward. Northcutt goes for a cartwheel kick and Barberena takes top position. Barberena  with a shot from above. Another elbow from Barberena. More punches from Barberena. Latter passes into halfguard. Northcutt is cut by his left eye. Now Barberena is looking from the arm-triangle-choke from halfguard. Northcutt taps. Huge win for Barberena.

Bryan Barberena def. Sage Northcutt via submission (arm-triangle-choke) R2, 3:06

Iuri Alcantara vs. Jimmie Rivera

Round 1: Alcantara fires in a knee. Rivera wings a couple of big hooks. Another big left from Rivera misses. Alcantara plants a right. Rivera comes in with a big right. Alcantara lands a knee to the body but eats a left. Rivera lands a body kick. Rivera plants another right. Latter comes in with some heavy shots again. Alcantara lands a left. Alcantara cracks Rivera to the body with a kick. Rivera takes a poke to the eye. Alcantara plants a left but Rivera gets a nicely timed TD. Round ends.

Round 2: Alcantara with a body kick. Rivera charges in and tags Alcantara with a big left hook. Rivera sticks a right. Rivera charges in but takes a counter. Rivera pushes Alcantara to the cage. Not much going on. Ref breaks them up. Front kick from Alcantara. Latter defends TD attempt. Hard left from Alcantara drops Rivera but he gets right back up. Rivera scores a double leg. Alcantara gets to his feet. Round ends.

Round 3: Alcantara fires a high kick. Rivera chucks in a big right. Rivera digs a punch to the body. Alcantara gets tripped to the mat but gets back up. Rivera remains the aggressor. Alcantara with a kick but it’s blocked. Alcantara flurries in but eats a hook from Rivera. Leg kick from the latter. Alcantara trips Rivera to the mat and he rolls to his feet. Rivera is looking for a single leg.Rivera flurries and the final horn goes.

Jimmie Rivera def. Iuri Alcantara via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Josh Barnett vs. Ben Rothwell

Round 1: Rothwell is moving forward. Rothwell with a front kick.  Latter fires a leg kick. Barnett sticks a jab. Another leg kick from Rothwell. Barnett with one of his own. Barnett plants a jab. Rothwell flurries in. Rothwell is cut on the bridge of his nose. Rothwell pushes Barnett to the cage but he breaks free. Nice left from Barnett. Rothwell throws a right but eats a jab. Latter plants a shot. Another right from Rothwell. Round ends.

Round 2: Barnett fires a front kick that misses. Rothwell flurries in with punches. Nice left from Rothwell. Barnett clinches up. Rothwell works his way out. Rothwell lands a leg kick. Latter plants an uppercut. Rothwell sticks a jab as Barnett fires a leg kick. Barnett fires a jab. Rothwell misses with a highkick. Barnett kicks Rothwell in the body. Rothwell with a combo and Barnett pushes him to the cage. Wow. Rothwell throws on a standing choke, Barnett drops to his back, but he’s forced to tap. Crazy. What an impressive win for Rothwell.

Ben Rothwell def. Josh Barnett via submission (go-go choke)  R2, 3:48

Anthony Johnson vs. Ryan Bader 

Round 1: Bader dives for a single and misses. Johnson is working around to his back. Bader is looking for a kimura. Johnson has moved into mount but Bader still has the kimura. Johnson gets his arm free and starts firing down massive punches. Bader’s out cold. Crazy.

Anthony Johnson def. Ryan Bader via KO (punches)  R1, 1:26