The spotlight will be massive and blinding when CM Punk makes his UFC debut later this year, and while others might cave under that kind of pressure, the former pro-wrestler isn’t worried about it.

It has yet to be confirmed when Punk will make his Octagon debut, but many believe it will come at UFC 199 or 200 in June or July. We do know that if Mickey Gall wins his bout at UFC Fight Night 82 tomorrow against Mike Jackson, he will face Punk in his debut.

Recently Punk spoke to FOX Sports, and while discussing all the hype and attention that will be tied to his first pro MMA bout, he stated:

“I just do better in high-pressure situations and it’s weird for me to comment on it because I can’t understand people being freaked out by that,” Punk said.  “Just because that’s been my life. I don’t see the big deal in it, but it might wind up being a factor. They talk about first fight jitters or Octagon shock or whatever they want to call it — that might happen to me. It might happen to them 10 fold. We’ll see.”

It’s going to be an interesting night when it happens, and plenty of folks will have the tweets ready…