Although Kimbo Slice’s win over DADA 5000 on Friday has been widely panned by observers, “Rampage” Jackson says he’d be interested in fighting the heavyweight.

Recently it was announced that Jackson is returning to Bellator, after their lengthy legal battle was finally resolved. It remains to be seen who Jackson will face, but the consensus is that he’ll take on one of Bellator’s top light-heavyweights.

Well, recently the former UFC champ appeared on “The MMA Hour“, and he had this to say about facing Slice (quote via MMA

“When I did the Ultimate Fighter with Kimbo, he kind of mentioned something that he always wanted to fight me. Even though Kimbo is a heavyweight, I’m a big light heavyweight. So you know, we’ve seen Kimbo get in shape and do well. I don’t think he took DaDa serious. I don’t think he trained hard for him. I’ve been guilty of that before. If I had to fight Kimbo, he would most definitely train hard for me and get in shape. Especially with that embarrassment of that last performance. I’m a fighter, it’s what I do, I fight. I’ve fought homies. There has been a couple of opponents that I didn’t want to fight or didn’t think would be a good matchup. I am interested in finishing my career and entertaining my fans. If the fans want to see Kimbo get slammed and knocked out, then that’s what I am going to try to do.”

Now, one would think because of what went down on Friday, Bellator would pass on this. But, you never know…Jackson – Slice would move a lot of tickets and it would likely bring in some big ratings. But does Bellator want to go down this path once again? In light of all the criticism the fight received?