Following the UFC’s “Unstoppable” press conference last week, which saw a fired up Chris Weidman launch verbal shots Luke Rockhold’s way, the latter is warning the latter to check his emotions.

Rockhold laid claim to the middleweight title at UFC 194 in December, by taking Weidman out in fourth round. Leading up to that bout, the fighters sparred on social media and through interviews, but things never got too personal.

Well, more recently, Weidman has made it clear that he doesn’t care for how Rockhold is carrying himself since their first encounter. The two have been rebooked to fight at UFC 199 on June 4th. At the aforementioned “Unstoppage” presser, Weidman told Rockhold “I’m going to rip your heart out.” Yikes.

Rockhold was on hand at a recent event to promote EA Sports’ UFC 2 game, and he told MMA the following:

“…He doesn’t look like himself. We’ll see if this emotion helps him. But to my knowledge emotion doesn’t help you fight.

“He better check himself or this fight’s going to be over a lot sooner than he expects, maybe than even I expect. I don’t feel threatened by Chris. I really don’t see what he’s going to bring to the table to blow me away. … He’s a great fighter, but I’m the best.”

Chances are things aren’t going to cool off before UFC 199 gets here. Rockhold and Weidman have a ton of interviews and media events to attend in the coming weeks.

Rockhold raises a good point, in that Weidman will need to keep a lid on his emotions in the cage, but who knows? Maybe the decorated wrestler will be more even more focused, more driven for the rematch, if things have indeed gotten personal?

UFC 199 will be hosted by the Forum in Los Angeles, California. In the co-main event, bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz will take on Urijah Faber.