If you believe Georges St-Pierre is never going to fight again, some of the comments his coach has been making, might change your mind.

GSP has never said he’s going to compete again, but he’s also never said he’s officially done either. Since the former welterweight champ resumed training earlier this year, however, speculation that the 34 year-old’s preparing for a comeback has been rampant. The fact that the Canadian star was at last weekend’s UFC 196 card, also raised eyebrows.

As you know, on Saturday, Nate Diaz rocked the MMA world by submitting Conor McGregor in round two. Since then, GSP’s longtime coach Firas Zahabi has tweeted out the following:

Now sure, Zahabi doesn’t speak for GSP, so no one should start freaking out just yet. But, based off these comments, one could certainly infer that 1) St-Pierre is indeed, getting quite close to coming back, and that 2) perhaps he’s expressed an interest in fighting Diaz directly to the Tristar coach.

Really, a lot about this would make sense. GSP has said he’s not interested in making a title run, and that he wants big fights. Well, a fight with Diaz at UFC 200 would be absolutely huge, and there’s no belt on the line. Then, there’s the whole back story with GSP and Nate’s brother Nick, so this fight would have plenty of promotional content to run with.

Let’s see what happens…