Since Miesha Tate took the bantamweight crown from Holly Holm at UFC 196, there’s been a lot of talk about her fighting Ronda Rousey again, but the new champ isn’t convinced that’s going to happen.

Prior to UFC 196, the consensus was that the winner of Holm – Tate would then wait to fight Rousey later this year, when the superstar returns to action. But, more recently, Tate has been talking about her desire to fight in the interim, just as Holm did before her.

Not only does Tate want to stay busy, but we have yet to hear anything concrete, in terms of when Rousey is looking to fight again. Initially she said this summer, but after the filming for “Roadhouse” got pushed back, she asked for more time off.

Well, recently Tate spoke to Maxim, and the champ had this to say about her rival Rousey (quote via MMA

“She said she wants to have kids with Travis Browne. I don’t know where her mind is with everything. I’m not really seeing something that sticks out to me that I can identify with like, ‘Is this a comeback fighter?’ I don’t know. We’re questioning whether she’ll ever fight again. It seems to me like she’s in a weird mental state. And I feel like I’m mentally the best I’ve ever been. It’s all come together perfectly. Another thing is the camp I’ve been working with. We’re on a five fight win streak. My coaches and I have really gelled and we’re speaking the same language. I feel like I’m evolving quickly. Not only physically, but mentally and my confidence. Everything.”

Tate raises some good points, although, Rousey did publicly speak about her desire to fight Holm again and avenge the loss. Since Tate won the belt, however, it’s been somewhat quiet on that front (unless I missed it of course).

Could it be that Rousey would rather fight Holm? Since she’s already defeated Tate twice? Or, could the UFC be thinking about Tate- Holm II? And then the winner faces Rousey? Hopefully we find out soon.