Miesha Tate has been booked to fight Amanda Nunes in her first title defense, and not Holly Holm, and the new champ is reporting why the UFC brass went this route.

After Holm was choked out by Tate at UFC 196 last month, the decorated striker and others called for an immediate rematch with the latter. The argument being that Holm campaigned for a fight with Tate, instead of waiting on the sidelines for the return of Ronda Rousey.

Others thought the UFC might go with Tate – Holm II because if the latter won the rematch, then a second fight with Rousey would be back on the table. After all, Holm KO’d Rousey when they fought, while Tate has been defeated by the former champ twice before.

Well, obviously that’s not the directed the UFC elected to go. Tate spoke with MMA Junkie.com recently, and the bantamweight relayed this, about the promotion’s decision:

“They thought that Amanda was the next best girl in line,” Tate said. “They were like, ‘Look, you just beat Holly. You finished her.’ They didn’t feel that it was necessary to have an immediate rematch; it didn’t warrant an immediate rematch. It wasn’t one of those performances or such a crazy fight that we’ve got to have an immediate rematch.

“It was kind of like, ‘Let’s open up the division – we’d like you to fight Amanda,’” Tate added. “I said, ‘Cool.’ Amanda’s someone I’ve had my eye on for a while, and I know she’s had her eye on me. Now’s the time we get to get in there and do what we do.”

Really, no one should be shocked that the UFC has elected to go with this fight. There is a bit of immediate rematch fatigue these days, and it is true that they need to build some other fighters at 135. Further, it wasn’t like Tate squeaked by Holm with a controversial, split decision win or something.

Tate – Nunes will be part of UFC 200 which will go down on July 9th in Las Vegas. In the headliner, Conor McGregor will take on Nate Diaz, in, yup, an immediate rematch…