If Chris Weidman was still fighting Luke Rockhold this Saturday at UFC 199, would the middleweight champ still be this big of a favorite? Like he is now that he’s facing Michael Bisping? Well, although the oddsmakers and pundits would almost certainly say no, Rockhold apparently doesn’t see it the same way…

Since Bisping was submitted by Rockhold in the second round of their 2014 encounter, most folks don’t believe that the British star is going to secure the 185 title this weekend. Especially since Bisping will rematch Rockhold on short notice (as he’s stepping in for the injured Weidman).

Leading up to the fight, Rockhold has argued that he’s going to take Bisping out even faster than he did last time. But, in a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour”, the champ had this to say about the change in opponent (quotes via MMA Fighting.com):

“I think [Weidman] might have been easier, in my opinion,” Rockhold said. “Bisping is just a little bit funner. It’s more tactical. I’m gonna enjoy it more. It’s gonna be funner for the fans. Weidman kind of fights ugly and fights with his balls. Comes forward and might get a little sloppy. I’d pick him off fairly early. I think he overextends.”

“…Weidman just kind of fights like an idiot. He just f*cking runs forward and exposes himself and kind of overcommits and relies on his toughness. Bisping tries to make it more tactical and I enjoy that…”

Wow. Comments like that certainly aren’t going to simmer things down between Weidman and Rockhold.

Of course, many people view Weidman as more of a threat to Rockhold, due to his vaunted wrestling and top game. In their first bout, however, those tools didn’t really come into play for the now former champ. While a lot of people are interested to see whether Weidman can avenge his one sided loss to Rockhold, could Mr. Bisping postpone that rematch even further on Saturday?