Recently Hector Lombard claimed that Dan Henderson gave him the cold shoulder during a brief training stint at Team Quest a while back, and it looks like the former Bellator champ’s carrying a bit of a grudge…

The powerful middleweights are set to throw down at UFC 199 this Saturday, in what will be the last bout on Henderson’s current UFC deal. When Lombard first reported that Henderson allegedly never spoke to him, after he first arrived at Team Quest, the heavy handed fighter said he shrugged it off. But in a more recent interview with Submission Radio, Lombard apparently had this to say about “Hendo” (quote via MMA

“Dan Henderson is just fake. Fake guy, comes across like a nice guy when he’s not. You know if one day I have, let’s suppose that I have a Hector Lombard training camp or Hector Lombard facility, and some young guy [comes in to train], because trust me, even at ATT a bunch of guys came from Australia and I introduced myself. Like, ‘Hey man, how are you doing?’ Even guys from New Zealand like JJ and a bunch of others and young kids, I introduce myself, I tell them, ‘Whatever you need, just give me a call.’ I exchange numbers, you know, we talk quite a bit, we go, we do some training together. It’s not a big deal, ey? This f–kwitt is kind of like ‘Oh, I’m more than you.’ So he doesn’t care for me and I don’t care for him either. I see myself beating him in a beautiful fashion.”

Wow. Clearly it looks like there’s a beef here no? At least from Lombard’s perspective. It would be interesting to hear Henderson’s side on what went down. Although, maybe Lombard is just using this as a means to get motivated? Hard to say.

One thing’s for certain, it’s a fascinating bout on a couple of levels. One, it’s hard to imagine this fight lasting very long, considering how ridiculously hard both men punch. Two, it’s a crucial fight for both, since Henderson and Lombard are coming off defeats. Although, since “Hendo” is 45, and is closing out his current contract, a KO defeat will likely prompt widespread calls for his retirement.

UFC 199 will take place at the iconic Los Angeles Forum.