Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold continued to trade verbal shots after they fought at UFC 199, and clearly the latter hasn’t decided to let bygones be bygones…

Following his KO loss to Bisping on Saturday, Rockhold let the new middleweight champ know he didn’t care for how “The Count” acted immediately after the bout. According to Rockhold, Bisping approached him in the Octagon and feigned concern for his well being. Bisping, however, claims that Rockhold refused to shake his hand, and yadda, yadda, yadda, they proceeded to sling insults at one another, during and after the post-fight presser.

Well, recently Rockhold posted the following picture and comments on Instagram.

I love the fight game and all that it offers. It's a chaotic world we live in but the reward far outweighs risk. Allowing the pressure of the situation get to me, I felt the need to preform and make a statement as opposed to staying calculated and winning the fight. I underestimated my opponent and paid for it. Forcing a fight that was unlike me, which left the door open. Credit to Micheal for being the tough guy that he is and capitalizing on the situation. Verbal warfare and fight hype is one thing, but that moment following the outcome of a fight is where a man's true character shines. After our first fight I picked him up off the canvas and gave him his due respect. Bisping went out of his way to come across the cage not to shake my hand like a man but to further mock the situation. I felt it was a classless move on his part. Thus the reason I was so pissed off at the press conference. I don't believe in kicking a man while he's down. I've been here before and I've always learned and grew from these situations. This will be no different. I will go home, heal up, and come back better than ever before. Bisping, I will see you real soon and I will finish this.

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It will be interesting to see what direction the UFC goes in here. Since Rockhold holds a previous win over Bisping, and because the two have a pretty sizeable beef, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they went with the rubber match next.

Then again, the UFC does seem to be concerned with instant rematch fatigue these days, as other rematches didn’t materialize when a lot of folks thought they would (like Robbie Lawler – Carlos Condit II for example). So, maybe the UFC will check in with Chris Weidman and or “Jacare” Souza to see when they might be ready to go. Would those fights outsell Bisping – Rockhold III though? Maybe not right?