Normally when you’re the #13th ranked contender people aren’t talking about the possibility of you fighting the champ. But when you have previously taken out that champ, in one of the most watched knockouts in MMA history, and you’re a legend, well, things change.

Of course, that contender is Mr. Dan Henderson, who bombed out the new middleweight champ, Michael Bisping, when they fought at UFC 100 in 2009. Footage of Henderson flooring Bisping with a right hand, and then soaring down from above with another one, has been seen by every MMA fan on the planet.

Well, due to their history, and because the 45 year-old Henderson is one of the most accomplished and beloved fighters in the game, the idea’s been floated that “Hendo” should get a title shot. Bisping appeared on the latest “MMA Hour” on Monday, and the British star relayed he’s more than down for the rematch (quote via MMA

“Of course, there’s been talk about Dan Henderson, which kind of came out of the blue,” Bisping said. “Dan Henderson kind of tweeted it out, and Joe Rogan put a picture on Instagram, and that seems to be getting a lot of traction. Of course, that is a fight that I would love. There hasn’t been any kind of offer or anything like that, but that’s a fight that I would take because everybody knows about UFC 100, and Dan Henderson still has an image of him floating above my head while I’m knocked out as his logo. So, I would like to put him in his place.”

That sounds about right no? Now could this happen? One would think no, although, if Bisping really pushes for it maybe?

There’s no doubt that the fight would be huge, but the UFC would unquestionably raise the ire of contenders like “Jacare” Souza, Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold, who are ranked way above Henderson. Although the latter is coming off an emphatic, KO win over Hector Lombard, “Hendo” is 2-3 in his last five bouts, and was just stopped by Vitor Belfort in November.

Bisping took out Rockhold in the opening round at UFC 199 last weekend to become MW champ.