Dan Henderson is clearly interested in being the first man Michael Bisping faces as middleweight champ, and if the bout does happen, the legend says  it will be his last.

The 45 year-old Henderson closed out his current UFC contract on June 4th, by knocking out Hector Lombard in round two. That was the same night that Bisping quickly took out Luke Rockhold to become the middleweight king.

Well, since UFC 199, some folks have been campaigning for Henderson to get a title shot. The argument being that he’s one of the greatest fighters of all time, he’s nearing the end of his career, and of course, he bombed out Bisping back in 2009. So why not? The UFC has made title fights in the past without referring to the rankings right?

Recently Henderson appeared on the “MMA Discussion” podcast, and while discussing his future, he stated (quote via MMA Outsiders):

“(Fighting Bisping) is definitely something that I would do. But it would definitely be my last fight for sure. Win or lose. I’m obviously confident that I would win, but win or lose I would make that my retirement fight.”

“I don’t know how much (longer) I want to fight, it all depends on who they offer me. I’d be interested in maybe one more fight. I’m pretty close to being done though and I asked my fans the other day who do you want me to fight in my last fight and like 99% of them said Bisping. So that’s what I hope happens because that’s who the fans want to see me fight…”

Now, it should be noted that Bisping has already said he’s on board.  So, really, this just comes down to the UFC and whether they think handing Henderson a title shot would cause a stir throughout the roster, or the fanbase, since he is ranked #13.

It would certainly be a great way to cap off Henderson’s career. Particularly if he could do so as the UFC’s middleweight champ.