Following Carlos Condit’s razor thin, split decision loss to Robbie Lawler in January, the welterweight said only a rematch with the champ would bring him back to the Octagon. Well, it looks like that’s change…sort of.

For a little while now, the 32 year-old Condit has been saying he’s not sure how much longer he’ll fight. Then, after his bout with Lawler, “The Natural Born Killer” relayed no bouts really, aside from an immediate rematch, interested him at this point.

Well, as we all know, Lawler is scheduled to fight Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 on July 30th. So where does that leave Condit? Recently the perennial contender appeared on the Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM Rush, and Condit said the following (quote via MMA

“….As far as whether I’m gonna do another fight or not I feel like it’s up in the air. I’m leaning towards yes, possibly but it has to be something that really piques my attention.”

“Really, honestly a rematch with Lawler without a doubt,” added Condit, while discussing what fights intrigue him. “Possibly a rematch with [Nick] Diaz. Two scenarios that I can think of that would interest me.”

Diaz and Condit battled back in 2012, and the latter took the bout via unanimous decision. A rematch would certainly buzz a lot of fans, but the question is, would it create enough interest for Diaz to get on board? The Stockton star has said he’s only interested in taking huge fights moving forward, and is coming off a bout with Anderson Silva. So, it’s hard to say whether the UFC can put this bout together.

The only men to defeat Condit since 2009 are either top contenders or former champs in GSP, Johny Hendricks, Woodley, and Lawler.