With all the big name fights in recent weeks, and with the all-star bouts coming up, this Saturday’s scrap between Donald Cerrone and Patrick Cote has been glossed over a bit. Now if you’re thinking, ‘nah, that’s not going to be a good fight’, well, there’s a good chance that prediction’s going to be wrong…

While Cerrone is a bigger name than Cote, and has long been one of the best lightweights on the planet, he is moving up to welterweight to face “The Predator”. A guy, who let’s not forget, who was a top middleweight contender at one point. In addition, Cote has a ridiculously strong chin, dangerous hands and a solid top game (just ask Ben Saunders).

So when you combine that with Cerrone’s stand-up skills, aggressiveness and toughness, we could be in for a stellar fight at UFC Fight Night 89.

Recently the UFC posted a preview for the bout featuring Joe Rogan, and you can check it out below.