It remains to be seen what comes next for Donald Cerrone, after he faces Patrick Cote this Saturday, but “Cowboy” is apparently more interested in rematching Nate Diaz than fighting Conor McGregor.

If you’re a big time fan, then you know that Cerrone and McGregor aren’t exactly besties, and have traded verbal shots for months. Last year, in fact, there was talk of a bout going down between the two. But, Cerrone was taken out by Rafael dos Anjos in December, and then McGregor was submitted by Diaz in March.

Of course, since both men are big names, it’s a fight a lot of people want to see. But, while speaking to the media recently about his future, and possibly facing McGregor, Cerrone had this to say (quote via MMA

“I’d rather fighter Diaz over Conor,” Cerrone said. “Everyone talks about that as the money fight, but people don’t understand. They’re like, ‘If you get that fight, that’s the money fight.’ No, I’m under contract. I get paid the same whether I fight Patrick Cote or I fight Conor. He might make more money because he got pay-per-view. I didn’t do a good job promoting myself and making myself big and get pay-per-view money. I get the same $80,000 to fight anybody.”

This isn’t too much of a surprise really, as Diaz did outscore Cerrone for the UD win back in 2011. So, obviously he’d like to avenge that loss. Cerrone did go on to say that he also really wants to fight fellow lightweight contender, Khabib Nurmagomedov, since it’s a fight that’s been in the works a few times. That’s a match-up a lot of people would like to see as well.

First things first, however, and that’s Patrick Cote, who is a tough out for anyone. That fight could definitely steal the show at UFC FN 89 on Saturday.

The June 18th card will go down in Ottawa, Ontario.