Since Michael Bisping bombed out Luke Rockhold at UFC 199, the latter, Chris Weidman, “Jacare” Souza and even Dan Henderson, have been floated as opponents for his first title defense. But now a dude no one was considering has apparently entered the mix, yes, Georges St-Pierre.

Earlier this week, GSP’s name surfaced as a possible opponent for the newly crowned, middleweight champ. If it seems far fetched, well, check out what Bisping said during a recent appearance on FOX Sports Live (quote via MMA

“I actually has some people reach out to me saying, ‘Georges St. Pierre is interested in fighting you,’ and I was like, ‘really?'” Bisping said. “It was something that I didn’t expect. Some people from his camp…Tell him to sign on the dotted line – just like Henderson – if he wants to come out of retirement.”

Wow. Now could this actually happen? It does seem unlikely, given that GSP has not fought at 185, but you never know right? It would be a massive fight. Of course, St-Pierre has yet to even confirm he’s in fact going to fight again.

Bisping was also asked about facing Henderson, who as you know, crushed him back in 2009. The British star took the opportunity to hurl various verbal shots at the legend’s way:

“Dan Henderson is a guy that actually does interest me,” Bisping said. “He obviously has a great knockout victory over me back in the day and he’s gonna retire soon so I want to get revenge for that loss before he retires. He was on testosterone replacement therapy in that fight. I didn’t even know that existed. Dan, you’re a cheat. Let’s do it anytime you want…”

So, now we just wait and see what the UFC decides to do. Obviously there’s several interesting match-ups the promotion could go with here no?