Donald Cerrone has become one of the UFC’s most reliable, entertaining and bankable fighters, but “Cowboy” doesn’t believe his pay reflects that fact…

If you watched UFC Fight Night 89 on Saturday, then you saw Cerrone pick apart Patrick Cote with takedowns, legkicks and punches, before finishing the welterweight in round three. Cote isn’t a top 15 ranked fighter, but he is a dude who hadn’t been finished since 2010, and had won three straight. So, it was yet another, very impressive performance from Cerrone.

Well, at the post-fight press conference, Cerrone was asked to comment on what he brings to the UFC. Considering he’s been fighting at 170 and continues to score highlight reel wins. “Cowboy” offered this headline grabbing comment (quote via MMA

“God, that all sounds nice,” Cerrone said. “According to my pay, I don’t mean sh*t to the UFC. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll talk to [UFC president] Dana [White] after this and see if we can figure that out.”

How about that? It’s very interesting to hear Cerrone say this, as he’s typically been the guy calling for a quick, turnaround fight, rather than a bigger pay check. Now he wants both. The timing of these comments is also eye brow raising, since it wasn’t long ago that Nate Diaz criticized Cerrone for not acting like a “businessman”.

One would think that the UFC will look to address this issue with Cerrone. Although he’s come up short in pivotal fights, like he did against Rafael dos Anjos in December, there’s no question he’s one of the more popular fighters on the roster. The only men to beat “Cowboy” since 2010 are RDA, Anthony Pettis and Diaz, and during that time, Cerrone has taken out a long list of top caliber opponents.