Following Cody Garbrandt’s electrifying, stoppage win over Thomas Almeida, people are looking to him to continue the Team Alpha Male – Dominick Cruz rivalry. But, if you ask the champ, “No Love” and the rest of TAM aren’t in the title shot mix just yet…

Garbrandt crushed Almeida in the opening round of their May 29th bout, and as a result, he jumped into the top ten ranks and is sitting at #7. Since Garbrandt is a teammate and buddy of Cruz’s rival, Urijah Faber, of course folks are already buzzing about that fight.

Well, following the bantamweight champ’s one sided, decision win over Faber at UFC 199, Cruz had this to say about TAM (quote via MMA

“… Those guys are never going to stop hating me. They’re never going to stop wanting to beat me. Faber’s going to keep promoting these guys because he collects a percentage off promoting these guys,” Cruz recalls.

“To me, it was just normal, Team Alpha Fail business. Them talking, trying to skip positions in the line. The way I see it is, just get in line man. Beat somebody that’s ranked in the top 3. That’s how I feel about those guys, any of those guys. Don’t try to talk your way to the front of the line.”

Although there’s a captivating backstory to a Cruz – Garbrandt fight, the champ’s right, in terms of the fact that the latter needs to beat a top contender. One would think that the winner of the July 9th bout between TJ Dillashaw and Raphael Assuncao will almost certainly lock up a title shot.

After all, Dillashaw narrowly lost the belt to Cruz back in January, and Assuncao, well, he’s won seven straight. If he defeats Dillashaw, that will mark the second time he’s done so. Assuncao earned a split decision win over Dillashaw back in 2013.