For a couple of years now, Jon Jones, and others, have talked about the storied fighter moving up to heavyweight, but it sounds like that may not be in his plans any longer.

When Jones was the ruling king at 205 – many would argue he still is – the consensus was that eventually he would move up. The idea being that the light-heavyweight division would be cleaned out, and competing at heavyweight would present new challenges for him.

Well, those plans were sidetracked last year due to his well documented arrest. But, if Jones defeats Daniel Cormier for a second time at UFC 200, July 9th, then his list of challengers will be that much shorter. So could Jones be eyeing a move in the not too distant future? Doesn’t sound like it.

Recently he told MMA the following:

“To be honest with you, heavyweight really doesn’t really seem as appealing to me as it once did.”

“I’m almost 30 now, and I’m not really having any more growth spurts,” Jones added.. “This is pretty much the size I’m going to be, and it’s so easy for me to make light heavyweight.”

“Bones” would have been an undersized heavyweight. Just consider how much weight is going be hustling around the cage when Brock Lesnar fights Mark Hunt at UFC 200. So, it’s not too surprising to hear him say this. Although, he did note that if the right fight came along, from a stylistic perspective, or if they offered him a title fight, Jones would consider the jump.

Jones also added that he still wants to fight Anthony Johnson at some point, and would like a second scrap with Alexander Gustafsson too.