If you’re one of the fans who’s in agreement with the argument that the UFC has screwed Jose Aldo over, on account of this week’s news regarding Conor McGregor, well, Max Holloway has a few thoughts for you.

As you know, the UFC announced this week that Conor McGregor will challenge lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez on November 12th at UFC 205. Not only that, but the UFC has decided not to strip McGregor of the featherweight title, even though Dana White has said for weeks that the Irish star needed to defend the belt next, or he would be stripped.

Well, Aldo is reportedly so outraged by the decision, the interim featherweight champ says he’s done fighting. So what are Holloway’s thoughts about Aldo? And the argument that the Brazilian star deserves better treatment from the UFC? Well, recently the surging contender told MMA Fighting.com this:

“People keep saying Aldo deserves this, he deserves that — how the hell do you deserve something when you pulled out of all these events?” he said. 
”And did the UFC ever make an interim title when he did? They held that all the way until they gave the interim title to Conor [at UFC 189], but they did it for a business move, to make for a huge event at UFC 194. People keep forgetting the past, of what Aldo did. How many times did he screw the UFC getting hurt and not fighting in the event and the UFC scrambling around and they’ve got to find new fighters for the event or scratch his fight?

“People say 13 seconds…who the f*ck wants to see the rematch after 13 seconds?” Said Holloway, while referring to McGregor’s win over Aldo last Decem I sure as hell don’t want to see it.”

It certainly seems like there’s a lot of people who agree with Holloway’s stance here. But there’s also plenty of folks who don’t. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens next with Aldo. Hopefully the bridge isn’t quite burned through just yet, and we’ll see Aldo back in the Octagon. After all, the Nova Uniao fighter is just 30 year’s old.

There’s also no question that Mr. Holloway deserves a big time, big paying fight.