Some folks have speculated that Jose Aldo’s claims he’s done fighting could all be a negotiating tactic, but his head coach insists the Brazilian star is done with the UFC.

The promotion announced this week that Conor McGregor will challenge lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, on November 12th. In addition, the Irish star will do so, without being stripped of the featherweight title. In the preceding months, UFC boss man Dana White repeatedly said that McGregor would defend the 145 title next, or he’d be stripped of it. The fact that didn’t happen apparently outraged Aldo, so much so, he says he’s done fighting.

Now, as noted above, some have wondered whether Aldo and his camp could be using the situation, as a way to leverage more money from the UFC. After all, Aldo is the interim 145 champ, and he’s also a big deal in Brazil, which is one of the UFC’s most important markets.

Well, recently Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras spoke with MMA and here is some of what he had to say:

“In my mind, from the conversations we had, he no longer wants to fight for the UFC,” Pederneiras said. “I’m traveling today. Hopefully, I’ll have a meeting with the matchmakers. I believe Dana will be at this event, so we can sit down and figure out the best way to terminate the contract.”

“Yesterday we talked and he said he doesn’t want anything, not even millions of dollar proposals,” Pederneiras added. “In his head, he wants out.”

Here’s hoping cooler heads prevail, and some checks get written, so that we see Aldo back in the Octagon again.

The Nova Uniao fighter got back on track this past July, by decisioning Frankie Edgar, after Aldo was KO’d by McGregor last December.