Recently Jose Aldo shocked the MMA world by saying he’s done fighting, and now the UFC’s interim 145 champ has doubled down on those comments.

After the UFC announced that Conor McGregor will challenge lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez on November 12th, but will not be stripped of the featherweight title, Aldo called for his UFC release. Although Aldo said at the time that it wasn’t about securing more money, some have questioned whether this could all be a bargaining tactic by the Brazilian star. After all, Dana White did say that McGregor would be stripped of the 145 belt if he didn’t fight Aldo next, so now that that’s not happening, Aldo’s in a position to ask for something right?

Well, recently Aldo spoke with SporTV, and the storied fighter relayed the following (quote via MMA

“I didn’t fight for the belt. They made me fight for the interim title, I went there and won, and still have no definition whatsoever. To me, not even a fight with McGregor… It’s not about him being fighting now or not. I don’t care where he’s going. I want to follow my path. Today, the right is me getting released from the contract.”

“…I don’t want to fight for other promotion. I’m at the level above. There’s no reason why leave the first division to fight at the second division when I’m well appreciated in the first division, it would mean taking a step back. I don’t want to fight for other promotion. I want to follow my way in a different sport, do new things. I’m a young guy, and I want to enjoy that side, too.”

This is an unbelievable turn of events. While there’s certainly a lot of fans who don’t agree with Aldo’s outrage, and believe he doesn’t deserve a rematch with McGregor, there’s a ton of fans who do. Particularly in Brazil, which is a crucially important market for the UFC.

Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of one of the greatest fighters in history.