The MMA world was largely focused on UFC 204 this past weekend, but it also was buzzed, as a result of the rumor that Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre are going to scrap this December. But, if you’ve always wanted to see the stars throw down, according to Dana White, there’s no reason to celebrate…

The rumor appears to have been driven by a tweet Patrick Cote made, and more so by an Instagram post that Silva’s son Kalyl made. Since then White has spoken with Dan Hardy and BT Sports, and the UFC boss man said this about the rumor (quote via MMA

“That’s not true. So not true. I know everybody keeps talking about — GSP isn’t even close. I’m telling you again, I don’t think GSP wants to fight. I keep saying this. You guys know fighters as much as I know fighters, do you think GSP wants to fight? GSP wasn’t crazy about fighting when he was fighting! Now three years later he’s just dying to fight? He’s not. I don’t think he is.

“That fight is definitely not gonna happen. I don’t think GSP ever returns. And in some cases, that’s not a bad thing. The guy retired, he went out on top, he’s looked at as one of the greatest to ever do it and I just think he lost that fire a long time ago. For some reason – he’s got his own person reasons – he likes to keep his name out there like he might be coming back and everybody is anticipating his return, but at the end of the day I don’t think he wants it.”

It’s important to note that White has said before that a fight isn’t happening, and then, of course, it days. See Eddie Alvarez – Conor McGregor for the latest example.

Another big take away from this is that White is still pushing the narrative that St-Pierre doesn’t really want to fight again, when the former welterweight champ insists he does. You can’t help but wonder if that’s all tied to the contract demands of GSP’s camp. The Canadian star has said his contract must be renegotiated since the Reebok uniform deal has cost him money.