Prior to UFC 204, Chris Weidman stated that having Michael Bisping as the middleweight champ was an “embarrassing” situation, and it sounds like what went down this past weekend, definitely hasn’t changed his mind.

Bisping took on Dan Henderson on Saturday, in a booking that wasn’t warmly greeted by some folks, including Weidman. While everyone understands that “Hendo” is one of the greatest fighters ever, at the end of the day, Henderson was ranked #13 and had gone 2-3 in his last 5 scraps.

Well, Henderson rocked and bloodied Bisping early on, and came extremely close to securing the 185 title. Bisping walked away with a unanimous decision win, but some people scored the bout as a draw, or even a win for “Hendo”.

Well, Weidman was a guest on the latest “MMA Hour” on Monday, and the former champ was asked to weigh-in on the bout, as well as Bisping’s call out of the division’s top contenders. Here is some of what Weidman had to say (quote via MMA

“That guy had it in his head before the fight, and told himself, ‘after I dominate Dan Henderson, I’m going to get on the mic and call out all these four guys and say certain things about them, and it’s going to look really cool,'” Weidman said. “But the guy, he shouldn’t have done that when you barely beat the No. 14 in the division. … to get on the mic like that and call out the top four guys like he just did something impressive, I really thought Dan Henderson should have got his hand raised, so I was embarrassed for him. He can say my name a billion times and call me all the names he wants. That guy does not affect me.”

It was an amazing and entertaining fight, and Bisping deserves a ton of credit for the toughness he exhibited. But ya, it’s not surprising that contenders like Weidman are piling on.

This aside, Weidman has a ridiculously tough challenge ahead, as he’ll face Yoel Romero at UFC 205 on November 12th.