Jose Aldo continues to say that his days as a fighter are over and that he wants his UFC release, and Dana White thinks the Brazilian star is being “a little ridiculous”.

Following the announcement that Conor McGregor will challenge lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and that McGregor remains the featherweight champ, Aldo announced he done with MMA. The interim 145 champ has had some issues with the UFC in the past, but the decision to not strip McGregor of the belt has pushed Aldo over the edge. For weeks, White said that McGregor would need to defend the 145 belt next, or vacate it.

Well, recently White appeared on the latest “UFC Tonight“.  While discussing the Aldo situation, here is some of what White had to say (quote via Bloody Elbow):

“Jose Aldo and I will get together, probably next week, and we’ll talk about this,” White said. “I think he’s being a little ridiculous about this. I’ll get him a fight. I’ll get him a fight all day long.”

“If you look at that division (featherweight), it’s stacked,” White continued. “Holloway’s ready, he wants to fight. Anthony Pettis is in that division now. There’s a lot of talented guys there that he can fight. I can’t make Conor McGregor fight anybody.”

As it stands right now, it certainly looks like the bridge between the UFC and Aldo is completely burnt…But, you never know.

It’s also been interesting to watch the fan reaction to this situation. Aldo boosters cite his storied run as featherweight champ, as to why he deserves better treatment from the UFC. Others, particularly McGregor fans, have pointed to Aldo’s injury issues, and the fact he was quickly bombed out by the Irish star, as to why he shouldn’t be this upset.