Jose Aldo has said several times now that he doesn’t want to keep fighting, but in order to mend his relationship with the UFC, it sounds like the promotion’s going to have give him a raise.

Following the UFC’s decision to have Conor McGregor fight lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and not strip the Irish star of the 145 title, Aldo is demanding his release from the promotion. Not only that, but the Brazilian has said he wouldn’t return to the cage, even if a rematch with McGregor was tabled.

Well, Aldo is expected to meet with UFC President Dana White next week, and recently the storied fighter had this to say about his future (quote via MMA

“If I continue in the sport, I make it clear that I want to see money. That’s what it’s about. You can’t be a correct fighter. The right is wrong today. You don’t have to be the good guy and do what they want, that’s considered wrong today. The right is to spit at someone’s face, do cocaine or smoke weed, throw water at others, call people names, don’t show up at press conferences. That’s the right today, and that’s what Brazilian athletes have to do.”

Aldo also took issue with the argument that he’s not a big draw, and argued that aside from McGregor, Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar, no one “sells more”.

Even if you don’t agree with the hardline stance Aldo is taking, you have to admit it would be a shame if we didn’t see him back in the cage. After all, Aldo is just 30 year’s old, and his loss to McGregor was the first he had incurred in ten years.