Since Ronda Rousey was viciously KO’d by Holly Holm last November, “Rowdy” as taken plenty of heat from critics, and Conor McGregor wants to see the star shut those folks up.

Recently the UFC announced that Rousey will return to the cage at UFC 207 on December 30th, and that she’ll face new bantamweight champ, Amanda Nunes. Not only did Rousey receive a barrage of online criticism following her loss to Holm, but many have argued that the Judoka will never be the same fighter.

Well, recently McGregor spoke to Sports Illustrated, and while discussing Rousey and her haters, the featherweight champ said this:

“I’d tell her to go shut them all up now,” McGregor said. “Shut them all up. Go and stake your claim again.”

“I wish Ronda nothing but the best, it’s good to see her back,” he continued. “Some people take defeat and losses a certain way. You see how some fighters take losses. I’m happy she is ready to go again and I wish her well.”

It’s not surprising really to hear McGregor say this. Although the Irish star had been defeated in the past, his loss to Nate Diaz in March was certainly welcomed by many. Then, leading up to his August rematch with Diaz, plenty of folks argued that McGregor would lose to the Stockton fighter again. McGregor outscored Diaz for the decision win.

Rousey aside, McGregor has a tough test ahead of him, as he’ll face lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez on November 12th at UFC 205.