Georges St-Pierre is making headlines on Monday, but not because he has a comeback fight booked.

The UFC’s former welterweight champ appeared on “The MMA Hour” earlier today, and according to St-Pierre, he is now a free agent.

The Canadian star says that recently his lawyer gave the UFC a deadline to offer him a comeback fight, or they would terminate the fighter’s contract. This came, according to GSP, after negotiations had stalled with the UFC’s new owners, WME-IMG .

The UFC, St-Pierre says, only inquired if he was interested in facing Robbie Lawler at a later date. The latter, however, recently decided he needs more time off following his KO loss to Tyron Woodley in July.

The UFC hasn’t released a statement yet regarding this situation, and whether they consider GSP a free agent or not. St-Pierre, who¬† hasn’t fought now since 2013, declared his intention to fight again several weeks ago.