If you think Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold are kind of a big deal, well, Michael Bisping would apparently have to disagree with you.

Now that Bisping has defended the middleweight title, by working his way to a tightly contested win over Dan Henderson at UFC 204, who he’ll face next has yet to be determined.That will almost certainly be decided next month, however, as Chris Weidman will face fellow contender Yoel Romero on November 12th, and Luke Rockhold will take on “Jacare” Souza, November 27th. Whoever scores the most impressive win in those match-ups, will likely be next for “The Count”.

Well, Bisping was a guest on the most recent “MMA Hour” on Monday, and of course, he was asked to weigh-in on who he’d like to fight next. Bisping proceeded to say he’d like to fight Weidman, since he and the former champ have been jarring through the media in recent weeks. Then, the British star had this to say (quote via Bloody Elbow.com):

“Business-wise, nobody really cares about Luke Rockhold, or Chris Weidman either. Neither of them will make me that much money. Unfortunately they are the top two guys in the division other than me and nobody gives a sh-t about them, nobody gives a damn. That’s why Chris Weidman couldn’t main event a pay-per-view (PPV), he was always the co-main event. But, I’ll take on the best challenger. I know what people said about the Henderson fight, but UFC came with me about the match, I didn’t ask for it but I said, ‘sure.’ So I’ll just take on the true No. 1 contender next.”

Now, are Weidman and Rockhold two of the UFC’s biggest draws? No, probably not. But obviously Bisping is exaggerating just a wee bit here no?