After Georges St-Pierre reported that he was offered a bout with Robbie Lawler, the latter’s had a few things to say about the headline making situation.

On Monday, St-Pierre claimed on “The MMA Hour” that he’s a free agent, since his lawyer has terminated his deal with the UFC. According to the former welterweight champ, the promotion was given a deadline to present him with a bout offer, but that the UFC only inquired if he was interested in fighting Lawler at some juncture.

GSP also referred to Lawler’s withdrawal from UFC 205. When “Ruthless” decided not to fight Donald Cerrone on November 12th, it was widely reported that the decision had been made, because of Lawler’s KO loss to Tyron Woodley.

Well, since then,  Lawler spoke with ESPN, and here is some of what the ATT fighter had to say about GSP’s comments:

“He says he was offered a fight against me but I wasn’t healthy or whatever. He’s basically trying to read between the lines like other people, not knowing what’s the matter with me. Nothing is the matter with me. Do you accept the fight or not? That’s the real question, right? Because I’m ready to fight right now.”

“[UFC president Dana White] said it the whole time, ‘GSP does not want to fight,’ and he most definitely does not want to fight me, period.”

Wow. Now to be fair, St-Pierre did note in the aforementioned interview that he didn’t know why Lawler pulled out of UFC 205, but that he had read comments from one of the latter’s teammates, who mentioned the former champ needed a break.

All this aside, it’s good to hear that Lawler is ready to return. The veteran also said in his interview with ESPN that he decided not to fight at UFC 205, because he wanted to “step back” and reflect on “what I wanted”. Who knows? Maybe GSP – Lawler will still get booked?